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Castello Due is an about 800 year old servant housing to the castle Castello Podenzana. Castello Due is fully renovated to a large villa with all modern conveniences such as modern kitchen 3 bath rooms, 5 bedrooms, large terraces, a swimming pool and big living rooms. The location of Castello Due is north of Tuscany. The pictures reveal an idyllic view of the Apennines Mountains, and the Apuan Alps, as well as the sea in the south.

Castello Due is built completely shaded from the public and very unique in front of Castello Podenzana, a castle which is a real Malaspinian castle 1000 years old.. There is no one living in the castle as of now, so everything is quiet and privat. The terraces of Castello Due is built safely almost integrated in the old castle walls.

Castello Due were originally built as four servant houses for the main castle, however now they are built into a villa of some 300 square meters. The villa has 7 terraces with panoramic view, a swimming pool with glass covered roof and glass mosaic cover, an outdoor kitchen, central heating (both solar and gass powered), 3 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms with rooming for 12-15 persons. Light and roomy living room, a main, modern kitchen, Cantina is furnished like a wine cellar/meeting room for 18 people. Full wifi-connection. There is a road up to the house with parking spots at the main gate. In all there is a 3500 square meters property, where it have been planted olives, lemons, grapes, almonds, apricot and ornamental shrubs.


Castello Due’s location was planned out in the 1200th century and it is a truly unique view from the castle. The castle is situated some 300 meters above sea level, gives better quality its drinking water, and less insects, and a better climate on hot summer days. The village Podenzana just south of Castello Due, offer 7 different restaurants, 4 in walking distance Local specialties.

Castello Due situated in a small tourist congested area, friendly locals, large natural areas with a huge nature park (Garfagnana) near by. Day trips to the Tuscany and Liguria with historical cities such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Parma, Bologna. Italy's best beaches 20 minutes away. Cinque Terre and Portovenere as Italy's tourist magnet in Fawlty Towers. Castello Due is very attractive rental market, and now has over 8 years been almost fully covered in the rental period we have chosen. We rent out some 20 – 22 weeks pr year, very popular. This gives an income of 45000 - 50000 Euro.

Sales of Castello Due
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